En Nihil / Filth – Black Earth Split (Cassette, C40, Out-Of-Body Records 2014)

En Nihil is the multi genre project of Adam Fritz, and goes along for a long time in the noise scene. Although his music covers different genres and sounds, its always dark, damp and heavy. On this split release he joins up with Filth, a noise project which goes under the name of Rob Buttrum.

The record starts with the tracks of En Nihil, and “Tribes Of The Black Ash” is the first one to kick off. The track begins with a calm, wobbly soundscape and heavily, reverbed percussion, joined by immersive, tribal drumming and some nice effects as well. Different noises and sounds come along and lift this song to an industrial, Amazon nightmare. The second track “An Infinite Void”, has slow hitting percussion, gristle noise and scraping, high ranged feedback. While “One Hundred Thousand Years” immediately sets the tone with some heavy, industrial patterns, harsh noise and ear scorching feedback tunes. The fourth and last track from En Nihil, “Why Did You Not Save us’, ends where it began. This time with field recordings of birds and river streams or waterfalls. No percussion though. Just a silent meditation to close off the first half.

The other four tracks are from Filth. “R Horizon”, the first track, starts with spring reverbed drums, delayed vocals and various looped effects/sounds. As the song progresses it gets more chaotic and messy. The second track, “Beneath The Vertisol”, has sharp and edgy percussion loops with an industrial feel to it, very menacing. Dark soundscapes (made from vocals?) join in, and oscillating synths as well. All kinds of sounds are going on in this track, which gives it a nice depth and atmosphere. “The Hollow Earth”, the third song, spills out some raw and aggressive rhythm's/beats with psychedelic noises and electronics. And the last track “A Silent Scream”, is a mixture of cut up noise and destructed beats. Siren-like sounds drenched in reverb and tape manipulation come in to participate the seductive madness.

This split release is modern, industrial noise on its best, and heavy as hell. Chaotic and destructive insanity, which shows great spirit and grinta!